System failure: money is credited to the cleaning company's checking account only after appeals to the Moscow Business Ombudsman.

A limited liability company that provides specialized services to a healthcare institution in the Moscow Region for comprehensive professional cleaning and maintenance of cleanliness of premises (cleaning services) receives funds "in a timely manner" only after contacting the Commissioner.

An entrepreneur from the Moscow Region signed a contract with the State Autonomous healthcare Institution of the Moscow Region "Dubna City Hospital" for complex cleaning of facilities.

    The Company faithfully fulfilled the terms of the contracts, which was confirmed by the acts of acceptance of services rendered for the period from March to June 2021. Having not received funds for the services rendered, in July 2021the CEO appealed to the Moscow Region Commissioner for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs Vladimir Golovnev  with a request to assist in obtaining from the institution the resulting debt in the amount of 970 000 rubles.

   The Ministry of Health of the Moscow Region confirmed the existence of a delay in payment under the contract, indicating that the reason was the excess of the institution's expenses over the revenue part, and at the same time reported its full repayment.

    In October, the company again appealed to the Commissioner due to the presence of the institution's debt under the contract dated July 14.07.2021 of the current year for August and September in the amount of 442 036 rubles.

    The Ministry of Health of the Moscow Region announced that payment under the contract will be made by mid-November. As a result, on November 15th, the funds were credited to the organization's account.

    "An entrepreneur who has applied to us for help twice a year is in anticipation: according to the next contract for the provision of cleaning services, payment should be made at the end of November. Whether the funds will be credited to the account in a timely manner remains to be guessed”, the Moscow Region Business Ombudsman Vladimir Golovnev commented.

    The tendency when a business with a "fight" has to receive every penny is unlikely to contribute to a favorable business climate. State and municipal customers must take a responsible approach to fulfilling their obligations if we want to see an annual increase in business entities in Moscow Region. The lack of timely payment for many, especially small, businessmen is fraught with bankruptcy. And this means a loss of jobs and  taxes for the state.

Автор: OS,YM
Источник: Пресс-служба Владимира Головнева


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